NEW eCommerce Master Class for Industrial Distributors

Times are changing fast! It’s not enough to have a website. You need an eCommerce Channel for your traditional distribution business. Your customers are asking for it today, but they might leave you tomorrow if you don’t deliver the experience they need.

In this Video Master Class, we’ll show you HOW to build, launch, and grow a thriving industrial distribution website.


GUARANTEED to save you time/money and GROW your online sales — or Your Money Back!

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What does the future hold for independent industrial distributors?

The reality for most small-to-medium sized distributors is that they are facing one of three likely scenarios in the very near future.


You adapt, innovate, and grow through technology adoption.


You throw in the towel and cash out while you can.


You fail to react to the changing market and never recover.

The bottom line is that we are living in a very fast-moving economy with digital disruptions around every corner.

The good news is that we have control over HOW we respond to change in our marketplace. Our attitude and passion for our brand, our employees, and our customers can drive us to positive change.

Let’s Face It — Buyer Expectations Are Higher Than Ever

With more and more industrial buyers purchasing from Amazon and other online retailers, independent distributors are beginning to feel the pressure to adapt.

There Is Hope! You Have The Ability to Innovate, Grow, and Thrive

My grandparents opened an industrial supply business in their basement 60 years ago. They turned that entrepreneurial venture into a 9-figure safety manufacturing company and international brand.

Along the way, I’ve seen first hand what it takes for independent distributors to compete with national brands 100x their size.

16 years ago, we created a marketing growth agency focused on helping industrial “Davids” defeat “Goliath”. Since then, we’ve helped countless distributors go to market with sales tools, eCommerce websites, digital marketing, and strategies that have generated million upon millions in revenue.

That’s Why We Built The Industrial Marketing 101 eCommerce Master Class

Nobody knows safety and MRO equipment like you, but when it comes to eCommerce and Digital Marketing, it just seems like a confusing sea of endless opinion.

With so many voices vying for your attention, how do you know who to trust? Which strategies will help you build, launch, and grow an eCommerce channel? 

Most importantly, where do you begin?

The answer is Industrial Marketing 101.

eCommerce Master Class

After designing, developing, and hosting over 50 distributor websites through the years, we’ve learned a thing or two about eCommerce for industrial distributors — what works and what doesn’t. We condensed all of that knowledge into a video course that you everyone can understand and apply immediately.

Introducing the eComm-Wheel™ of Growth

Our Proprietary System for Building, Launching and Growing an Industrial Distribution Website

Throughout the course, we will take deep dives on each of the eight (8) core elements of the eComm-Wheel™ methodology.

Sample Lesson — Watch Below



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Ideal for Distributors Who Are


You have an eCommerce Website but you have yet to see significant adoption and/or growth.


You don’t yet have an eCommerce Channel but you know you need to start somewhere.


You have an eCommerce Channel that does okay, but you want to move to the next level.

And The People That Work There


Founders, Owners, CEOs, and Presidents who want to better understand eCommerce.


Executive Vice Presidents of Sales, Marketing, Finance, and Business Operations who are responsible.


Ground-level Marketing Managers, Designers, Developers, and Customer Service staff.

10 eCommerce Video Lessons


We will discuss the fundamental differences between B2B and B2C eCommerce buyers. We want to be sure we chose the right path for our customers.


Building a world-class eCommerce website requires a shift in mentality. You need to abandon the idea of a “finished” website and embrace the eComm-Wheel™ of Growth.


The best distributors can have dozens of employees working on their website continuously. Whether you have one staff member or one hundred, you still need to build your team.


A Tech Stack is a collection of software and technology used to run your eCommerce channel. We’ll help you way the pros and cons of the most popular platforms available.


What good is a distribution warehouse without inventory? In the same way, an eCommerce website without product content is useless. We will discuss strategies for content.


The difference between a graphic designer and an artist is the ability to sell. We need to design clear buying paths for our customers so we can close the sale online.


Long-term success in our eCommerce channel will not be possible without process documentation. We will teach you which processes you need to empower your team.


Before you launch your website, we’ll make sure you have a solid plan leading up to, during, and post-launch — complete with proven communication and testing strategies.


Customer adoption of your eCommerce channel will allow your sales team to farm more business, automate purchasing cycles, and find time to hunt down new accounts.


In the final lesson in our eCommerce Master Class, we’re going to learn how to turn website analytics and sales reports into actionable tasks that help us innovate and grow sales.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

If this course does not save you valuable time and money, then I will personally issue you a complete and prompt refund. No questions asked!

Matt Johnson
CEO, Spinstak Growth Agency